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Commit f1712aeb authored by Christopher Snowhill's avatar Christopher Snowhill

Moved to new server

parent 667af626
[submodule "Frameworks/mGBA/mGBA/mgba"]
path = Frameworks/mGBA/mGBA/mgba
url = https://g.losno.co/chris/mgba.git
url = https://git.lopez-snowhill.net/chris/mgba.git
[submodule "Frameworks/AdPlug/AdPlug/adplug"]
path = Frameworks/AdPlug/AdPlug/adplug
url = https://github.com/adplug/adplug.git
......@@ -12,10 +12,10 @@
url = https://github.com/adplug/database.git
[submodule "Frameworks/libsidplay/sidplay-residfp-code"]
path = Frameworks/libsidplay/sidplay-residfp-code
url = https://g.losno.co/chris/sidplay-residfp.git
url = https://git.lopez-snowhill.net/chris/sidplay-residfp.git
[submodule "Frameworks/libatrac9/libatrac9"]
path = Frameworks/libatrac9/libatrac9
url = https://github.com/Thealexbarney/LibAtrac9.git
[submodule "Frameworks/Sparkle"]
path = Frameworks/Sparkle
url = https://g.losno.co/chris/Sparkle.git
url = https://git.lopez-snowhill.net/chris/Sparkle.git
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