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Commit ee78d9f5 authored by Jan Weiß's avatar Jan Weiß

Swap keyboard shortcuts for "Playlist > Repeat > Toggle" (now ⌘R) and...

Swap keyboard shortcuts for "Playlist > Repeat > Toggle" (now ⌘R) and "Playlist > Show in Finder" (now ⇧⌘R).
parent 0e9f1444
......@@ -1154,7 +1154,7 @@ CA
<action selector="remove:" target="218" id="1409"/>
<menuItem title="Show in Finder" keyEquivalent="r" id="1135">
<menuItem title="Show in Finder" keyEquivalent="R" id="1135">
<action selector="showEntryInFinder:" target="218" id="1346"/>
<binding destination="218" name="enabled" keyPath="selection.index" id="1449">
......@@ -1265,7 +1265,7 @@ CA
<menuItem isSeparatorItem="YES" id="2471">
<modifierMask key="keyEquivalentModifierMask" command="YES"/>
<menuItem title="Toggle" keyEquivalent="R" id="2472">
<menuItem title="Toggle" keyEquivalent="r" id="2472">
<action selector="toggleRepeat:" target="218" id="2474"/>
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