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Commit 850fe390 authored by Dan Leehr's avatar Dan Leehr

Fixes FLAC playback crash on Apple Silicon

- Avoid creating an NSDictionary with NULL context object (https://github.com/kode54/Cog/blob/master/Audio/Chain/InputNode.m#L81 passes NULL as context, so this must be handled in NSDictionary creation
- When calling addObserver, downgrade options from NSNumber * to NSKeyValueObservingOptions (aka NSUInteger)

Not sure why this would be specific to Apple Silicon...
parent 1d4a7770
......@@ -78,7 +78,10 @@ NSArray * sortClassesByPriority(NSArray * theClasses)
Class decoder = NSClassFromString(classString);
theDecoder = [[decoder alloc] init];
for (NSDictionary *obsItem in cachedObservers) {
[theDecoder addObserver:[obsItem objectForKey:@"observer"] forKeyPath:[obsItem objectForKey:@"keyPath"] options:[obsItem objectForKey:@"options"] context:(__bridge void *)([obsItem objectForKey:@"context"])];
[theDecoder addObserver:[obsItem objectForKey:@"observer"]
forKeyPath:[obsItem objectForKey:@"keyPath"]
options:[[obsItem objectForKey:@"options"] unsignedIntegerValue]
context:(__bridge void *)([obsItem objectForKey:@"context"])];
if ([theDecoder open:source])
return YES;
......@@ -118,7 +121,11 @@ NSArray * sortClassesByPriority(NSArray * theClasses)
/* By the current design, the core adds its observers to decoders before they are opened */
- (void)addObserver:(NSObject *)observer forKeyPath:(NSString *)keyPath options:(NSKeyValueObservingOptions)options context:(void *)context
[cachedObservers addObject:[NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:observer, @"observer", keyPath, @"keyPath", options, @"options", context, @"context", nil]];
if(context != nil) {
[cachedObservers addObject:[NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:observer, @"observer", keyPath, @"keyPath", @(options), @"options", context, @"context", nil]];
} else {
[cachedObservers addObject:[NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:observer, @"observer", keyPath, @"keyPath", @(options), @"options", nil]];
/* And this is currently called after the decoder is closed */
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