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Commit 44e7e85a authored by Christopher Snowhill's avatar Christopher Snowhill

Update feed script with new Git URL

parent 55ebd62e
......@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ revision_code = revision_split[1]
if 1 #appcast_revision < latest_revision
#Get the changelog
changelog = %x[/usr/bin/git log #{appcast_revision_code}..#{revision_code} --pretty=format:'<li> <a href="https://g.losno.co/chris/Cog/commit/%H">view commit</a> &bull; %s</li> ' --reverse]
changelog = %x[/usr/bin/git log #{appcast_revision_code}..#{revision_code} --pretty=format:'<li> <a href="https://git.lopez-snowhill.net/chris/cog/-/commit/%H">view commit</a> &bull; %s</li> ' --reverse]
description = changelog
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